What Is A KEM Strike In Call Of Duty Ghosts?

Let’s talk about the new KEM Strike in Call of Duty Ghosts …

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The Call of Duty franchise or series is probably the most popular franchise in the world of hardcore shooter video games. Call of Duty Ghosts is the tenth installment in this highly popular series. One of the most popular unlockable rewards of this game is the KEM strike.

KEM Strike is an acronym for Kinetic Energy Missile Strike. This is actually a strike package reward that can be unlocked by achieving a twenty five kill gunstreak without dieing, or twenty four using the Hardline perk. Once this reward is unlocked, a ten-second timer will appear on the screen and after the countdown is over, all the enemy players will be killed at the same time. In addition to this, the powerful KEM Strike will also change the layout of the map you’re playing in as well as the terrain. When a friendly KEM strike is used, the entire player’s team will enjoy Double XP till the end of the game or round.

Here are a couple of before and after pictures of a KEM Strike:


Strikezone statue before K.E.M. Strike 300x230 What Is A KEM Strike In Call Of Duty Ghosts?


Strikezone statue after K.E.M. Strike 300x250 What Is A KEM Strike In Call Of Duty Ghosts?


How To Get A KEM Strike?

The Kinetic Energy Missile reward is extremely similar to other unlockable rewards such as the M.O.A.B or Massive Ordnance Air Blast in Modern Warfare 3 and the tactical nuke in case of Modern Warfare 2. First off, if you want to attain the KEM strike then you will need to dominate the map. If you are a skilled COD player then you might want to start out with a smaller map like Strikezone, which is a baseball stadium that is under the orbital strike. The map facilitates fast-paced action, which is exactly what you would require for initiating the KEM strike.

Other than the location, it is also important to have the right weapon to unlock the reward because this is going to be your only ‘tool’ for attaining the kills. If you want to unlock a moderately difficult reward like the KEM Strike then you should choose from amongst the best weapons. Two of the most effective weapons here would be the AK-12 or the MSBS assault rifle is the best because they do the highest damage. Moreover, the two guns also have the best accuracy, therefore you are less likely to get killed before you get to the unlocking part. If you are planning to use the MSBS assault rifle then you should not make the blunder of putting the silencer on it because the rifle tends to lose a lot of its range with the silencer on. Out of the two, it is probably better to use the AK-12 gun if you intend to put the silencer on because it wouldn’t affect the rifle’s performance at all.

When you are armed with a good rifle and sufficient ammunition, you do not need a secondary gun or a tactical/lethal grenade because these are not that powerful or useful and they do not help much when you are trying to attain the KEM Strike. Thus, instead of wasting your points on these, you can use them to get more perks. Perks are another prerequisite for achieving the KEM strike. As far as COD Ghosts perks are concerned, there is a wide selection to pick from such as Amplify, Ready Up, Quick Draw, Marathon, Off the Grid. Out of these, Off the Grid and Amplify perks are the ones that are most worthwhile when it comes to achieving KEM Strike.

The ‘Off the grid’ perk requires three points and this one provides you immunity to radar pings of the enemy because it wouldn’t show you on the radar. When paired with a silencer, it becomes extremely difficult for the enemy to tack you down. The Amplify perk, which costs 2 points, allow you to hear enemies approaching you better by amplifying the sounds made by them so that you can be better prepared for attacking them, something that is essential if you want to be able to achieve a lot of kills in a row. This perk is extremely worthwhile because it would enable you to hear the enemies even through the walls! Thus, these perks, when combined with the right weapon and location would make it easier to achieve the KEM strike.

As mentioned above, two of the best weapons of mass destruction pertaining to the KEM Strike, i.e. AK-12 and the MSBS rifle have a long history in the Call of Duty series. These two are the most preferred weapons amongst COD players because of their effectiveness. In fact, they have also played pivotal roles in initiating other rewards like the Tactical Nuke in case of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the M.O.A.B in case of COD: Modern Warfare 3.

While the AK-12 is a high damage rifle that features a low rate of fire, the MSBS is a great gun for distance shooting but it has relatively low damage. The AK-12 is one of the best weapons to use as far as long range rifles are concerned. Since most of the maps in case of the COD series are large therefore it is good to have a gun that can be controlled easily and which maintains a 4-shot kill irrespective of the range. When paired with a silencer, it becomes easier to kill people when in the stealth ‘mode’.

The MSBS, on the other hand is an assault weapon that does the highest damage in its class. The damage done by this weapon is very similar to the one by Type 95 from COD: Modern Warfare 3. It fires three-round bursts and is extremely accurate from a distance even though it may not be capable of doing as much damage as the AK-12. This is an extremely useful weapon to have when you are trying to achieve a K.E.M strike.

Just like the M.O.A.B, this strike too triggers an EMP effect and leaves it behind after all the death and destruction. As a result of this effect, the killstreaks becomes useful for the next one minute. Also, when the KEM strike is activated, the enemy pointstreaks that are reflecting on the map would be destroyed. This includes the ones of Sentry Guns, Care Packages, Loki and Odin. The KEM Strike reward is denoted by an icon or picture which has the skull of the grim reaper along with a scythe. When you compare the two, i.e. MOAB with a KEM Strike, you will notice that even though there may be similarities, there are some major differences between the two as well. The biggest difference is that unlike the tactical nuke and the MOAB, this one does not end the game, it just gets rid of the teams that are against you, i.e. your enemies in that particular round.

In case of KEM strike the kills resulting from kill streaks do not count but only kills from one’s equipment, knife and weapon are counted. When you are planning to build up to twenty five kills in a row, you will want to move around the map without being noticed easily. Thus, if you still have points left after choosing the Off the Grid and Amplify perks, you can select the stealth perk too. Also, it helps to have a silencer handy when trying to achieve the KEM strike using these stealth perks because these two go hand in hand. The silencer for your gun would prove to be a beneficial add-on because it would prevent the enemies from hearing you well and discovering your position in the game.

Always try to stay away from entrances and exits in buildings when you are trying to build up to twenty five kills in the game. Always stick to the edges of the map instead of going to the center. Also, you can plant IEDs and C4s in order to achieve more kills!

There you have it folks and I hope these tips help you to obtain that ellusive KEM Strike.

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